FSK (Foil Scrim Kraft) Tape is a high quality laminated strip with glass fibers to give strength and puncture resistance. Our full-range of high-quality aluminium foil tapes are advisable for a variety of insulation purposes, most commonly construction and building industry.

- Ducting & insulating material
- Puncture proof.
- Moisture proof.
- High Strength due to Scrim reinforced
- High and low temperature resistant foil tape

- They are specially designed for taping insulation joints against moisture and vapor on tri-directional FSK jacketing
- They are used as a fiberglass duct wrap where strength is required.
- They are used for patching scrim reinforced duct installation.
- Joining foil faced insulation panels and pipe sections.
- Excellent temperature resistant and insulating material to prevent hot air from coming inside the ducts.
- Joining fiber insulation between the internal skin and fuselage of aircraft.