Waterproof PE Coated Fabric transparent duct tape which is backed by high adhesion (rubber adhesive) and very high tack property with hand tearable to feature. We offer multi-purpose, no- residue tape with heavy-duty, fabric reinforced adhesive ensures long-lasting hold. The tape is water-resistant, and ideal for applying on a jet engine, electrical appliances, drying vent, fixing all kinds of glass damages, and other binding and repairing uses. Our duct tapes are available in white, yellow, silver, and black options.

- High strength.
- Very high bonding adhesive.
- Hand tear able.
- Water Proof

- Basically the right and recommended product for heavy duty seaming and sealing application for ducting, having rough or dirty surfaces.
- Most commonly used for such applications due to its high holding power across temperature ranges.
- It is good for heavy duty application
- Used in construction industry for AC ducting