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Duct PVC Tapes

Duct PVC Tapes are extensively used to manufacture automobile harness, joint of wires & cables, packaging, color code indicator and others. These offer superior bonding strength and excellent holding power for all types of substrates. Fabricated using quality raw material, these tapes exhibit following features:

 Good insulation
Temperature resistance
 Fire proof
Excellent adhesion at high or low temperature
Supports the process-ability and die-cutting ability

Aluminum Foil Tapes

Aluminum Foil Tapes offered by us are coated with acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive and are applied in refrigeration, electronic industry, and shield, wrapping pipes and others. These are highly appreciated by our clients for excellent adhesive and resistance against moisture & chemical.

Moisture and chemical resistant
Thermal conductivity
Heat and light reflectance
Flame resistant

Stationary Tapes

We offer a wide range of Stationary Tapes that is used for sealing envelopes, repairing torn paper, arts and crafts, as well as putting together paper projects and others. These tapes are available in various length, colors and thickness to suit the requirements of the user. Our range of these tapes is manufactured with water based acrylic adhesive and has “easy-tear” characteristic.



Craft Paper Tape

We manufacture Craft Paper Tapes that are laminated using qualitative siliconzed PE coated with solvent rubber adhesive. These tapes are easy to unwind & possess high strength and are manufactured using economical grade of paper. It is commonly used for packaging, wrapping paper, envelopes, paper bags and printing.

High adhesive
No residue
Writable and printable on its surface
Available in various length and width
Weather resistance
Easy to tear

Bag Sealing Tapes

Our comprehensive range of Bag Sealing Tapes is made using PET film which is widely used for sealing OPP, PP and PE plastic bags. Our range of Bag Sealing Tapes is self adhesive and can be reused repeatedly. Available in various width and sizes, these are offered at competitive market price.


PE release film is easy to remove from tape
Widths available: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm
Non reactive to chemicals

Self Adhesive Tapes

Our range of Self Adhesive Tapes is available in different colors like brown, blue, red and can be availed in a variety of bases like plastic, paper, fabric and others. These are used in various industries for packaging purposes and also for domestic packaging and sealing. Available at competitive prices, these tapes adhere to every type of surface with different textures



Surface Protection Tape

We are offering surface protection tape. Ldpe film is coated withpressure sensitive adhesive. Depends upon the surfaces to be protectedand use, the adhesive is applied on the film. Pe protection tape isavailable in transparent, white, black & white and black.

-Offering bopp packaging tapes, self adhesive tapes, masking tapes,double sided tissue tapes, foam tapes and aluminum foil tapes. Hightemperature polyester tapes, bag sealing tapes, duct pvc tapes,stationary tapes, pvc insulation tapes and craft paper tapes. Surfaceprotection tape, adhesive transfer tape.

Air bubble rolls

Total packaging materials.
We offer to sell packaging rolls, laminated packaging rolls, air bubble packagingrolls, air bubble rolls, packaging film rolls, bubble packaging filmrolls. Air bubble packaging sheets, air bubble bags, air bubble pouches,air bubble rolls and pouches etc.



BOPP Packaging Tapes

We manufacture an extensive range of BOPP Packaging Tapes that is suitable for labeling, decorating, combining, protecting, sealing and color coding in household and commercial purposes. These are available in the size of 12 mm and can be availed in other sizes & colors as specified by clients. These tapes are used by industries like food and beverage, fishing industry, electrical industry, pharmaceutical industry and others


Foam Tapes

Our range of Foam Tapes is available in both single and double sided adhesive coating. These tapes give a permanent fixing and are ideal for numerous applications including fixing number plates and signs, and are ideal for uneven surfaces. Available in different colors and thickness, these foam tapes are provided at competitive prices and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Exhibit excellent adhesion
Better cohesion strength
Good resistance to humidity, mild acids, oil and grease

High Temperature Polyester Tape

We manufacture High Temperature Polyester Tapes that are available in various colors & sizes and are extensively used in electronic industries for mounting and spacer purposes. Our range is in high demand due to its high quality standards and strong adhesive characteristics. These tapes are quality tested on various parameters and can be custom made to suit the varied requirements of clients.


Masking Tapes

The Masking Tapes manufactured by us are residue free products and are employed in refrigeration, automotive parts and business machines. These are also used in masking of painted metal, plastic and rubber surface where staining could be a problem. Apart from this, these are used for light packaging, bundling, car body repairs and lacquering applications.

Chemical resistant
High cohesion
High gluing capacity

Double Sided Tissue Tapes

We provide our clients with an extensive range of Double Sided Tissue Tapes with water based or solvent based acrylic adhesive used in decoration and postal services. These are ideal for holding and joining light weight items in office and house application and also in shoe and leather industry for long-term mounting, fixing and laminating. Available in various colors and sizes, these double-sided tapes can be used for bonding and fixing purposes.

Powerful and permanent adhesion
Water resistant
Heat resistant

PVC Insulation Tapes

Our range of PVC Insulation Tapes is manufactured using premium quality raw material, which is fire retardant and used in low voltage electric wiring for cabling and insulation. These are also used in automobile industry for wiring harness, degaussing coil and insulation. Available in various types, colors and grades, these tapes are fabricated in compliance with industry standards. These insulation tapes are customized as per the specifications of our clients.


Box strapping rolls
We provide a wide range of Semi Automatic Strapping Rolls, which can beused for manual operations or with semi or fully automatic sealingmachines. These rolls are provided in various colors such as red, blue,green, yellow, etc. Our products are versatile in usage and can also beutilized for color coding besides, palletized goods. Our range provesextremely useful for flexible packaging and is long lasting.



Reinforced Kraft Paper Tapes

Offering kraft paper tape, strong fibers pressed together, excellenttoughness, excellent viscosity, prone to breaking. Environment The Water-free reinforced kraft paper based, coated with hot meltadhesives, latex-based adhesives made of polyacrylate adhesive tape.Easyto use, easy to tear off, it is widely used in sealing the severity ofpackaging, used in paper processing industry and environmental.

Backing, Color, Adhesion
Kraft paper, high forcedfibers, Nature / white, Rubber
StandardSpecifications(Width Length mm m)
As your requests
Thickness( mm)
0.15?0.02, Adhesion N/25mm 10, TensileStrength(N/25mm) 600, Elongation (%) 0.2, TemperatureResistance 60

Splicing Tapes

We are seller of Splicing Tapes for Release Paper.
The siliconesplicing tape is designed to adhere to silicone coated papers andsilicone coated films as well as other difficult to adhere surfaces.

splicing tapes are used to make a manufacturing process continual, joining the end of a web of material to the beginning of a new web, or roll of material. This helps avoids valuable down time rethreading the new roll through the machine or press. Meridian makes single and double-coated splicing tape. The adhesive on splicing tapes can be rubber or acrylic.

Technical details:
The web of material that is being spliced and the production process for that material determines the most appropriate splicing tape for the application. Different combinations of tape substrates and adhesive formation ensure optimal performance. The various substrates include different papers and films while the adhesive should be compatible with the material being spliced and the machines or presses being used in the production processes. Splicing tapes are used in a variety of industries and production processes.
please contact us with your specific needs, and request a quote.


Cotton Tape

We are offering Cotton Tapes

a versatile waterproof cloth tape,with outstanding resistance and toughness. The product has very goodshelf life, high tensile strength, and good abrasion resistance.

Applications: the tapes are widely being used for key applicationslike masking, carton strapping, sealing, etc.
this tape can also beused as electrical insulation tape Leather & footwear industry also.

Double sided cotton Tapes
We are offering double sided cotton cloth tapes with rubber adhesivedesigned for mounting rubber stereo flexographic printing
Double coated transplant film tapes are used for mounting photo polymer or rubber printing plates to cylinder or sleeve system in flexograpic printing industry. It gives excellent performance for line and solid work printing.
Double sided cotton cloth tape with rubber adheshive is designed for mounting rubber stereo and rougher plates other than photo polymer.


Stretch Film

We are offering stretch film & air bubble rolls. Offering stretch film hand grade(100mm x 1" core, 250mm to 450mm-23 mic) Stretch film machine grade(500mm) 30 mic & Cline film, foodgrade pvc film.



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